Art & Music

Live performances by artist Amy Dyson
and pianist/composer John Ryan.
Original music and fine art merge to create a
one-of-a-kind audio and visual experience.
All performances are unique and include many
genres of music and diverse techniques in art.



One Zen Place offers the opportunity
to not merely hear; but to listen...
not just to look; but to see...
not just to think; but to experience...

Focusing on the present moment,
One Zen Place provides a serene setting to
enjoy art and music to the fullest extent.



June 2018

One Zen Place presents our opening
Art Exhibition & Music Performances
‘Ebony, Ivory, & Gold’ (After Gustav Klimt)
including original paintings by Amy Dyson
and original music by pianist John Ryan on the
Bösendorfer Gustav Klimt ‘Woman in Gold’ piano.