"We are one human consciousness."Amy Dyson


Amy Dyson is an American artist living in Vero Beach and the Florida Keys, USA.  Dyson's fine art gallery and art studios are located at One Zen Place in Vero Beach, Florida.

Amy Dyson creates art inspired by the way nature works and is often accompanied by the music of her husband, pianist-composer John Ryan.  Together, their art and music coalesce into new works of art that express their feelings 'in the moment'. 

"Art is all about perception."Amy Dyson

Amy Dyson appreciates art from all eras of mankind and has been influenced by masterful art spanning 40,000 years, from the Upper Paleolithic to the Modern era.  Dyson has a preference for contemplative art, is drawn to open space, loves miksang moments and admires wabi-sabi for the expression of imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete beauty.  She has a fondness for expressive "flying white" within her ink paintings.  From Upper Paleolithic art to present day Enso, Dyson shares a message of joyful reflection...

"I believe that we are one human consciousness and are all connected as humankind.  As I feel this interconnection within life, I coalesce with the present, emphasize my intention, and create art  'in the moment'.  I always allow my heart to lead the way when I create art. 

I create paintings, sculpture, and works on paper in multiple genres.  After a lifetime study of art as an artist and art historian, I have learned from and am most inspired by the masters of the Upper Paleolithic and Early Asian eras.  I have also been influenced by masters from the Renaissance, American and French Impressionism, Abstract Expressionism, and several contemporary masters.

I discover the essence of beauty in my studio every day.  I paint and sculpt to original piano music played for me in the studio by my composer husband, of which is a great source of inspiration within my heart.  I love art in every form and believe that art and music lead the most inspiring path up the mountain."

"There are three classes of people.
Those who see.
Those who see when they are shown.
Those who do not see."Leonardo do Vinci
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"Lascaux is at the heart of my consciousness research."  —Amy Dyson

The prehistoric cave of Lascaux (c.17,000 B.C.E.) has been significant within Amy Dyson's research as an Upper Paleolithic art historian.  A noteworthy painting of a human in the cave of Lascaux led to Dyson's exploration of consciousness with respect to humankind's perception of art.  Dyson led field expeditions for over 25 years in remote destinations as she studied perceptions of art in cultures worldwide.  Dyson found art interconnection within all of the cultures she studied and is currently elucidating her discoveries in visual and literary form.

"As a cultural reflection of humankind, art has purpose beyond profit."Amy Dyson


Located on the Treasure Coast of Florida in the beautiful oceanside town of Vero Beach, Amy Dyson's creative studio is named "One Zen Place".

One Zen Place includes a fine art gallery, art studio, music recording studio and soundstage, a performance stage with salon seating and an extensive art library.  Art and music are continually being created at One Zen Place.

"proposito ante lucrum"
(purpose before profit)Amy Dyson


Amy Dyson's ideology:
"proposito ante lucrum" (purpose before profit)

Amy Dyson's present focus is the State of the Arts in America.  Dyson founded a platform that offers opportunity for recognition to all American Artists. A contemporary non-profit arts organization assists American Artists with professional presentation to a global audience.  Equality, opportunity, and transparency are the cornerstones of this art platform.

Amy Dyson's vision is embodied in the organization's theme, "United by Freedom of Expression" —a common denominator for American Artists.  Because American Artists are graced with the opportunity to freely express themselves, Dyson believes that American art represents the ideal of freedom and therefore demonstrates to the world the heights of human creation when there are no artistic limitations.

All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.""Leonardo da Vinci
"Imagination is the highest form of research."Albert Einstein